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New Nanjing welcomes YOG

As a small host of Nanjing, I am very excited and excited, because the Two01Four Youth Olympic Games will be held in Nanjing. This year, Nanjing in order to meet the Youth Olympic Games, the change can be big. The whole city is greening and paving the road. Now the greening has changed, the streets have become spacious, the sidewalks have been re paved, neatly paved. The road on both sides of the trees are pruned to a spring with luxuriant foliage. When summer comes, it looks like a huge green umbrella for pedestrians to shade. District residents of the old floor was gray and very beautiful, and now, workers them painted a beautiful color, like put on new clothes. Many units also installed fitness equipment, is a good place for people to relax, we can enjoy a healthy paradise at home. Advertisements posted on the streets were handled by cleaners, uncles and auntsFitFlop sko DanmarkAnd there are fewer advertisements. At the platform: “ share youth, build the future. ” this Youth OlympicsloganCan be seen everywhere. Not only that, now many of the former parks in Nanjing have been opened free of charge. This provides a place for Chinese and foreign visitors. The people of Nanjing are hospitable and hospitable. Now, Nanjing is beautiful because of people’s diligenceFitFlops for men UKBeautify it; now, Nanjing civilization, because most of the public know how to keep order; Nanjing in order to meet the Youth Olympic Games, changed its face, became a new Nanjing. I think some people should get rid of the two bad habits of spitting and littering.Fashionable, Fitflop, Flare, Cheap, Black, ElegantSome people spit everywhere, spit on the ground is difficult to clean up, in case someone else stepped on, it is very unsanitary. Also, today I saw a brother, wearing a suit, a look is very learned, but I think his behavior is not as good as our primary school students! When he finished a bottle of green tea, he threw the empty bottle into the flowers. The bottle could be thrown into a recyclable trash bin 10 meters ago. But why couldn’t he, 10 meters?! I am looking forward to the arrival of the Youth Olympic Games, and I am looking forward to the outstanding performance of the Chinese athletes at the Youth Olympic Games. I support them! New Nanjing, Ying youth olympic. Let us become civilized people of Nanjing, to meet young people around the world. I am ready to join the Youth Olympic Youth partners, come quickly, I would like to entertain you. Shanghaicaida of five (Two) class Chen Yan fukamoto chapter link: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxwnj\/1Four1TwoTwo0617Four79ThreeThree8Five108Four1.htm page 1 more wonderfulTwoThreeFourFivenext pageNew Nanjing welcomes YOG