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Vitality, youth, youth, Nanjing, I look forward to the Youth Olympic Games

Youth, youth, Nanjing – I expect the Youth Olympic Games, Singapore created the history of the Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing will continue to write the Youth OlympicTwo01Four FitFlop Luna CoffeeA new chapter. The success of the Youth Olympic bid in NanjingFitFlop shoes AmazonFor every one of us in Nanjing, it is undoubtedly a kind of happiness and a kind of pride. Two01Four, whenever I think of this figure, I was excited, full of excitement. Two01Four come quickly. To welcome you, our whole city is busy and ready. At that time, people all over the world gathered in Nanjing, the bustling city of Nanjing. Everyone’s eyes will be focused on Nanjing, and Nanjing will show her charm as a master. Let teenagers from all over the world can communicate and spread friendship with each other here. So as to promote the development of the Olympic movement and world peace. I am a primary school student in Nanjing, from now on, starting from their own, to speak of civilization, courtesy, to the Youth Olympic Games to create a civilized environment. Pick up every litter around and create a green environment to welcome the Youth Olympic games. I will study hard and have the opportunity to become a volunteer and communicate with foreign friends and introduce us to themTIMBERLAND DamesBeijing’s long history and culture, and actively publicize the “Youth Olympic” knowledge, with practical action to support the Youth Olympic Games, to meet the Youth Olympic Games, for the Youth Olympic Games contribute their strength. Youth Olympic Games held in Nanjing, not only can enhance the visibility of Nanjing in the world, accelerate the pace of development in Nanjing, but also help to improve our quality of life, let us get a better living environment. In order to successfully host the Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing is speeding up the construction of the subway and road. At that time our trip will be very convenient and quick, the city will become greener, less polluted, the sky bluer and the air fresher. I believe that through the Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing will set off a nationwide sports fever, and teenagers in Nanjing will be more passionate about sports and love exercise. Into the Youth Olympic, youth and Aolai a friendly embrace, will the sports spirit in my heart, the fighting spirit into our daily life. I am looking forward to the Youth Olympic Games, supporting the Youth Olympic Games, and participating in the Youth Olympic games. Jinling Hui Wen five primary school (Two) class Yao Yi Source: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxwnj\/1Four1TwoTwo0617Four7FourFour896191Four.htm page 1 more wonderfulTwoThreeFourFivenext pageVitality, youth, youth, Nanjing, I look forward to the Youth Olympic Games