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“Missed”.FitFlop sandaler tilbud< < &gt > city stories; book. See “missed”, heart Yang Qi a trace of warmth, because have seldom see such delicate things, because she did not deliberately express what, only a scene a scene depicting a child to calm the old Beijing, it is like life in said. So Wen Houchun and so, neither too fast nor too slow, pure and indifferent, Miku Kokaoru, that is full of worldly fame, but without a heart. The world is simply yingzi, full of doubt, she never in their own world lock, always let people in and out. So she and considered the madman hidesada forged a friendship, the Huian museum to drill every two or three days; she and “ the thief ” write downDishy Womens Sandals Fitflop Black FrouPromise, even carefully listen to “ the thief ” story; she loves his nurse, she looked away, yingzi sad. Through the eyes of childish yingzi, we saw the adult world although grief at separation and joy in Union, very naive, but as died of complex emotions. The pain of parting is a painful thing for life, very pain often make people lose themselves, after many years to think or sad. Remember a word: “ wine wish Dongfeng, and calmly. Luo camwood chueiyang East, was always together, traveled to Fang Cong. A bitter partingFitFlops shoesThis hate infinite. This year the flower wins last year red, poor next year to spend better, and who knows? ” we also have the same as Eiko sing the song melancholy songs: “ Changting, road side, green lawn. The breeze blowing willow flute residue, sunset shanwaishan. The end of the world, to the corner, the most familiar. A cup of liquor do more than love, dream tonight. ” we have been apart, and our friends, family, old time in oneself, laments from the injury at the same time, we found that he has quietly grown up. In fact, everyone has their own city stories, the elegant corner in childhood let people lead a person to endless aftertastes bit by bit, or happy or sad. Please do not order that no time lost, if it is growing, so let us regard with equanimity “missed”.

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nanny boa book review

The book is the backbone of the ladder of life , progress.
We finally grabbed a dream long “nanny python ” , I thirst as hunger like to read it .
Birds and animals mentioned in the book think deeply attracted me like a magnet .
Which nanny python especially impressed me

Python , one looks very often inaccessible , it can nanny python , the entire image is not giving a ferocious feeling down a bit gentle and kind.

Pleasing nanny python

One pair of young couples to make a living , went out running around tending , so nobody children , are they anxious occasion , Zhao Chang can not send a hair find a nanny, who knows that a big snake , the couple were stunned ,
can Zhao Chang said his two children were with a large python , the couple reluctantly agreed to have a night, the couple had just come back, smelt thick smell of blood , ( in fact, when the wife and I feel very
tension fitflop shoes sale women, she was afraid their children are eating 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; anxious ) wife lit the lamp , the original is nanny to a red boa wrapped tightly jackals , red jackal suffocated , and the son also
where sleep is fragrant yet.
( Read about this time, I as a man, really can not imagine the consequences if the nanny is not there …… a python would like to sleep ) nanny boa body bruised, raw and bloody, wife to tears
, catch a big cock to nanny python Bubu .

Tim Paul fitflops electra disgusting python

Makes absolutely did not expect such a nanny python , and his family began to produce a contradiction.
When the wife likes the pro- child carrying children , at this time, nanny python staring jealously , revealing fiercely until his children .
( I am happy to see this laugh , this python is too funny friends, and people simply no different thing ! Shen Stony you really are representative of the animal kingdom , the animal write like people, come alive ) and then the couple most angry
when children eat chocolate , do not brush your teeth after eating to go to bed , my father is very wanted to hit him , ( it can be seen that the relationship between father children , teeth did not wash , blow it with a call to promote children brush their teeth , and, Dad reason to use typing
, is accused of playing a pro because of love ) can python or not, think meteor general , fast fly Dad, blink of an eye , my father ‘s arm was tied down , and can breathe , my mother called the nanny seeking children python loose
open, said the father did not beat you, then lets go , Dad had to temporarily surrender.
Nanny python has affected the family , the couple can not get angry !

Love is too deep to death

Just when the father wants new fitflop lunetta pewter python dismissed nanny , the family was transferred to the city to work .
When they take advantage of nanny Mang go foraging , sit stockade carriage, gone.
The nanny python Later it!
They stayed legacy thatched house, his mouth a little old son to wear T-shirts , eat or drink , called Chang wanted to lead it away , it does not go until weeks later starved to death ,
when he died in his mouth biting son that small undershirt ……

I think you see here , my heart will not taste it!
Anyway, I was soon in tears , as python loyalty and friendship !
Hey !
No matter what the animal , and a long time to be together always have feelings, we humans really can not hurt animals , and they should live in peace , so that they can survive in freedom .

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