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Vigor youth Nanjing

The vitality of Youth Olympic, youth Nanjing Nanjing Haiying primary school five (1) Guo Yuying Chinese is a powerful country, in recent years, in Beijing hosted the Olympic Games, held in World Expo in Shanghai, Guangzhou hosted the Asian Games, a vibrant world event to let the world sit up and take notice China, in 2014, we will usher in a look forward to the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing. We Nanjing is the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, outside with the evil of the guardian, the back scattered clouds, a country of incense, but still not Forget infatuation, the Millennium Shou. I pictured the scene, there are hot blood athletes courageously fighting the figure, I heard about “ affectionate athletes pack appears, who is the hero? Shed tears, flow through sweat, tenacity casting the king! Dare to struggle, indomitable, domineering early, the success I belong! ” the audience on the cheerleader flag cheer cry, the cry was filled with the fragrance of friendship, this figure embodies the power of responsibility, but regardless of success or failure, regardless of laughter or tears, we will forever remember this full day of fighting. The tough stone sharp sword, piercing wind to blooming plum, the sweat of hard drives the movement of the flowers. No pain, no gain, no sweat, how the results of the athletes on the playground over the footprint, fell again to brave up, fearless is their spirit, beauty is their fight. For the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing has made many improvements, such as the environment around us become more beautiful, green all over every corner of the city, in the city of civilization echoed, many volunteers spontaneously added to the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic activities to accept this a valuable exercise opportunity for Nanjing to cheer. I grew up with the Youth Olympic games! I feel Nanjing is surrounded by green, surrounded by civilization, we unite the people, help each other. I understand that this improvement in Nanjing, not only for the Youth Olympic Games, but also for the future development of Nanjing, “ sharingSilver fitfloFitFlop DamenPSIn the spring, we build the future ” we show the world the charm of Nanjing and show the world the power of china. I wish the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games will be a complete success! Youthful vigorFitFlop LoungeNanjing