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Liu Hulan, the daughter of the party

The party’s daughter — &mTong FitFlopDash; Liu Hulan, who lives in the west of Wenshui Province in the Western Zhou Village, in 1945 into the Communist Party of China Women’s cadres training class, in 1946 was assigned to the West Village to do the work of Wang Zhou, and became a member of the CPC candidate. Liu Hulan grew very sensible, because they are poor and parents have died, so she and her sister Liu Elaine and their stepmother had each other, and the stepmother was good to them. Once: the sun mercilessly barbecue the earth. The Liu Hulan family is still farming, each of them was sweating. Sister Ellen breathless, Hu Lan advised her to go home, said Sister: “ mother promised to us as soon as we receive the wheat, you can make new clothes for us, if I go back, I have new clothes. ” kind Hu Lan touched her head and said, “&ldquo, it doesn’t matter. Does my sister give you my new dress?FitFlop Lulu” at this time, the younger sister just let go. After listening to my mother is pleased and bitter, pleased that Liu Hulan grew up very good, know how to care about others. But the sad thing is that their family is too poor to have a beautiful dress. Year after year, Hu had joined the Communist Party, and once, the Japanese came to their village. Hu Lan in order to protect the villagers, was caught by the devil, the devil threatened to surrender. Brave Hu Lan waved her head on the bangs, said: “ to kill, kill, to cut down, anyway, I will not surrender! ” Japanese devilsAmazon UK FitFlopRage: “ cut off her head and look at her and not surrender! ” just as the Japs held up their bayonets, Liu Hulan said a loud “ long live the Communist party! Great chairman mao! ” when she finished, she closed her eyes forever. She was only fifteen years old. Liu Hulan’s courage not only shocked the Chinese people, I think, the devil was also shocked, right? After the event, Chairman Mao personally wrote for her: “ a great life, the glory of death! ” although she died at the age of 15, but she was brave, loyal to the spirit of the country forever remain in our hearts. Xianlin – 51 – Liu Xinrui primary school class party’s daughter – Liu Hulan