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I am looking forward to the Youth Olympic Games (Xu Xinyi)

I look forward to the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing Yuhua foreign language primary school five (2) class a Anna XX February 11th is a Nanjing people tread on air! On this day, International Olympic Committee decided: 2014 Youth Olympic Games will be held in Nanjing! 2014, this ordinary figure, carrying the ardent hope of the people of Nanjing and incomparable pride. That year, the guests from all corners of the country will gather here, enjoy only in Nanjing have infinite charm. Youth Olympic Games is a special event for young people, it is organized, so that all the young people on the earth through the exchange of sports, advocate a civilized, healthy and harmonious way of life. And Nanjing’s successful Olympic bid, is undoubtedly the city of Nanjing gave a great affirmation. As Nanjing athletes in this stage will focus on the people to show their indomitable spirit. As ordinary citizens of Nanjing, we should start from the bit by bit, speak civilization, polite, and promote the spirit of the Olympic games,Trainers FitFlopTo carry forward the glorious tradition of the Chinese people’s unity and to contribute to the great event that will be held, though we are small but fairly cohesive. The Youth Olympic Games is coming to us with light steps. I look forward to the Youth Olympic Games, is in a fresh air, but also with a faint fragrance of the city. However, look around us, there are many discordant phenomenon: some people spit everywhereOasis FitFlopThrow rubbish; the sky overcast, is not clear; originally clear rivers because of garbage and construction enterprises and sewage discharge into sewers; harmful food to the publicDamen FitFlopTable … … see these, as a Nanjing people, I with deep hatred and resentment. Youth Olympic Games is getting closer and closer, we must put an end to these undesirable phenomena before it comes to the end, must not let Nanjing in the face of the people of the world. I decided to start from my own, in a timely manner to correct their bad habits, with their own strength for the future of civilization, green, harmonious Nanjing publicity. I also hope that in the Youth Olympic Games, everyone can be civilized, polite, let the world remember China, remember the &hellip Nanjing; … I look forward to the Youth Olympic Games (Xu Xinyi)

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Ying Qing read good books

As we all know, in 2014 Nanjing will host a grand games — — “ Youth Olympic Games ” referred to as “ YOG ”. The participants were adolescents aged between 14~18. Is a sports meeting many young people yearn for. For such a grand event, we have to face a good image. How can we have a good image?! Reading can improve their culture, let us take a good image to meet the youth olympic. Then, how to read it? You remember a text [previous] intensive reading and skimming? You’re right! A key is the study method of the intensive reading and skimming. But what the book reading, what books the skimming? For example, some contain the full truth masterpiece, we have benefited from reading. This book must not be skimming, after reading again again, or according to their own needs and precision or skim, is “ having read more than ten thousand books, writing if there is God ”! What the book skimming? For example, the magazine ah, ah this kind of entertainment comic books can skim. If you can love reading, but can not be too obsessed with this kind of books. Some students, a class will hold a Book &ldquFitflop AZTEK SLIDE Urban CHADA WhiteO; &rdquo looked at, like hunger and thirst to; seemingly very love reading. But a closer look, it turned out to be a comic book! Books are used to transmit knowledge to us, and now how to become our props entertainment! The ancients cloud “ book has its own gold house. ” can be more gold, it may not necessarily benefit more. You see! Some of the children in grade one or two nose would stand on a small pair of glasses, and “ &rdquo “ bookworm bookworm; ” the name &rdquo “. Read also have a proper rest ah! Now, already beyond count people to support the Youth Olympic, Youth Olympic Games to understand, to look forward to the Youth Olympic games. Youth Olympic Games alsoUnique Designed Arena Black Fitflop ComfortableIn many people witnessed the prelude. Let us join hands “ welcome Youth Olympic, read good book ” bar! Ying Qing read good books

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You have a sense of Plum Village

You have a sense of the plum village school: Xiaolingwei central primary school five (4) class of Lv Xinyi in August 16th, our team members went to the lucky grass garden village to carry out “ red painted map, write diary for &rdquo activity. Just enter the garden village, saw a statue of prime minister Zhou Enlai, listen to mama said, this is Zhou Enlai grandfather out of the plum village photos as the prototype, showing his amiable and easy of approach, courteous and accessible. Enter the first layer of the memorial, the first thing is a tall white marble reliefs, carved with statues of Premier Zhou and other leaders. On the relief of wind and cloud is a symbol of their all-powerful characters.2014 Fiflop Women’s Sandals RedGo inside, have recorded the great deeds of Premier Zhou had had in his life. The key was recorded: May 1946 to March 1947 by Premier Zhou led by the Communist Party in Nanjing Chinese peace negotiations with the Kuomintang government. In every round of the negotiations, Grandpa Zhou Enlai on matters of principle without compromise, and good at specific issues to adopt a flexible strategy. This reflects his zeal for the country, altruistic personality charm. The second layer memorial hall, showing some things, some of the Premier Zhou had used such as watches, leather coats, … … these items from his used can be seen in the Premier Zhou hardworking and thrifty life style. In negotiationsCan I buy FitFlops whereDuring the period, the delegation of the Chinese Communist Party has a lot of activities, but they eat, wear, use, not the same as the high-end. They believe in their own savings, that is, to the people to increase the accumulation of. As everyone knows, China founding prime minister is Zhou Enlai grandpa. He not only to be admired by Chinese people, also won the respect of the world with people. His charm can be said to be everywhere, we want to cherish the memory of Zhou Grandpa, we must always bear in mind and learn from his spirit, to carry forward. After witnessing these, we can not be calm in the heart for a long time, today’s happy life is really hard to come by! Without them the old timers fighting, we would not be a happy life now. We should cherish today’s happy life, study hard, make its due contribution to the country’s rich, strong and prosperous. You have a sense of Plum Village

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I, a girl in grade five, is a person who is sometimes introverted and sometimes outgoing. To me, the lovely, quiet sitting there doing my own thing, as if the world has nothing to do with noise. Outgoing, optimistic, I immediately like to turn a 360 degree bend, changed a person, what things are interested in what they want toMen FitFlopKnow.Boots UK FitFlopI am ready to help others. Once, a little girl wanted to take the top toy supermarket shelves, foot stand high, but no matter how she tried to get all the water, tears in the eyes straight in front. Her “ careless ” her mother didn’t know where to go. I walked up, said “ little sister, I come to help you get it! ” so, my feet weigh gently, his toys to her, her innocent smile, tears ran to the water early do not know where to go, said “ thank you sister, it’s very nice of you. ” listen to the innocent words, I said: “ to learn Oh ” to see her happy, I am also very happy, this is probably because to help others! But everybody can’t be perfect, I’m the same. My weakness is sometimes very careless. Once, at almost 9 points, I yawned and ready to go to bed, I suddenly remembered that there was “manual” mathematical evaluation did not write, stumbled and went to the table, open operation, in front of the word is not very clear, I rubbed his eyes, tired to write up & hellip …; the morning of the second day of math class, the teacher of Zhuang five (a) class “Evaluation Handbook” on issues of evaluation. I listened, body sweat. Finished, wrong so many questions. Sure enough, after the operation of the hair down, I found the topic requirements “ the number of small to large ” and I wrote “ from the big to small ” and a judgment is wrong, there is a table. Heaven! I regret very much, only a pity that there is no regret in the world, I can only accept the reality of … … can be imagined, the consequences are very serious. But I am me! Sometimes the inward and outward looking girls, to do is to open a happy growth, happy learning. I

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“The window of the small peas.”

“The window of the small peas” on — — I admire Mr. Kobayashi Sosaku, I was fond of reading, every book is like a seed in my heart take root, its fruit make my mind gradually enriched. Recently read a book “the window of the small peas”, so I fell into a reverie of unlimited … … “the window of the small peas” is about a little girl called little girl, because naughty, affect the classroom order, the first grade in primary school when he was expelled from the teacher. Later, she wasNederland timberlandTo a man named &ldquo ” Pakistan Academy; the school, after four hours of chat and Mr. President (after exactly the first2014 Bow Blue FitflopStudents listen to the small Peas four hours later), small Peas became a Pakistan academy student, later, many interesting things have happened in Pakistan in the garden, small Doudou also gradually got rid of his bad for her future success lay a solid foundation for &hellip & hellip;; indeed, Pakistan academy is unique in — — — the classroom is a car made of scrap trolley; the school gate is made of two tall straight tree; every class order of their own arrangements, if the morning is to finish the homework, the teacher took the afternoon we walked to go for a walk.Black Fitflop Dass MenLearn a lot of knowledge of life … … on the surface, the book’s protagonist is a small peas; in fact, if you go over, you can understand, the real protagonist, is Pakistan academy principal sosaku Kobayashi Mr. He, that a seemingly unacceptable way of education, but gave birth to a successful person! I admire Mr. President, especially was blown up in Pakistan academy, Mr. President said that the sentence is: “ the next time I must in the construction of such a school! ” in the words with a calm Mr. President, this is the ordinary people difficult to do. The spirit of the president is like standing on the top of a tall tree, we need to look up to see his figure! “The window of the small peas.”

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Youth footprint

The youth footprint of Nanjing WUJIAZUI experimental school five (4) class FitFlops for men sale Minghan yellow green spring, it is a soul, is confident inner vitality is movement. Nanjing is a big city filled with classical atmosphere, picturesque scenery, pure and simple. Green Aujean we hand in hand, to the youth of the blue sky, into the athletics stadium. Nanjing together with us to meet 2014, waiting for the vitality of the Youth Olympic games. The Youth Olympic Games in my heart is harmonious. As the saying goes: there are friends from afar awfully. Friends from all over the world, and we are like cheers for the youth, for athletes refueling. We want to use a smile infected with friends around, with the language and their friendly communication, so that they can deeply feel the beauty of Nanjing. The Youth Olympic Games in my heart is happy. Youthful vigor in the heart of joy, greenElectra Strata Black CaptivatingAustria will let every friend smile, full of praise; active athletes like a galloping horse, running for the youth, for the youth effort; then Nanjing city bustling; huge crowds of people, friends to Jiangnan views, feelings of classical street, feeling fine carving, exquisite architectural experience. Blue and white walls and black tiles, bridges. 2014 of the Youth Olympic Games, 2014 of Nanjing, orderRock Chic Purple FitflopPeople very yearning, very looking forward to. The Youth Olympic Games in my heart is sunshine. The youth sends out the sunlight breath, in the harmonious atmosphere movement, can make us to be more energetic, lets us in the forward path also like the sunlight, the youth is same, the bright beautiful. Help Youth Olympic Games, starting from me. Do not litter, do not waste water, dirty, not afraid of tired, humility courtesy of … … a, has the connotation of the people of Nanjing. The Youth Olympic mascot Fu, A Xi is the most representative of Jiangsu city unique elements and typical significance, affinity simple, symmetrical and harmonious, with happiness, a spiritual connotation, has Nanjing simple wonderfull life ideal, also shows the Jiangnan regional characteristics, more in line with today’s pursuit of harmonious and happy times endowment. Let us hand in hand, confident to shout the Youth Olympic slogan: “ share the youth, build the future! ” youth will germinate in our hearts, the vitality of our actions will blossom, I gave a strength for the youth, let the Youth Olympic more brilliant, let the world is full of youth footprint! Youth footprint

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I read, I am happy

I read, I’m happy book, is the illness of cure. The book is lonely when good friends. The book is light in the night. The book has become a part of my life. Swim the sea, I harvest. I read, I am happy. &ldfitflop Brown Flower Typequo; the book house of gold, a beautiful woman in the book ”. When I have finished all the things, reading, is my best choice. Open the book, taste, you can find a lot of wonderful book. This year Spring Festival is coming, I take step to grandfather paternal grandmother the family car, in my grandmother’s house, I found one of my books, I scoop up eagerly read up. When grandma calledNew Fitflop Frou Flower Sandal Amazing VioletWhen I was eating, I thought it was the bad guy in the book: “ the bold and the bad guys! ” grandma met with joy to say: “ silly girl, the meal. ” this time, I came back to God. See the whole family laughing. Have a book to accompany, happy go hand in hand. I read, my wisdom. By reading, I know a lot of knowledge. Through history books, I understand a lot of historical stories; through science books, I know the nature of the existence of many scientific mysteries; through all kinds of newspapers and periodicals, I know a number of international events. I remember once in the Chinese examination of intellectual big surf, there is a question stumped me, I left think right think, do not want to come out. I was disappointed, I know a lot of truth. I think: additional points certainly can not getFitFlops cheapest. Suddenly, my mind flashes of wisdom, the book does not have this problem? I quickly fill out the answer, I am in the heart silently grateful to the teacher who can not speak. Accompanied by books, to enhance the wisdom of. I read, I grow. Read the “Adventures of the onion” I understand that a man to be as brave as the onion, to do things like onion. Read “I and little sister Clara” I know to help others is equal to a happy harvest. See the “Detective Conan” I know everything must adhere to in the end & hellip; & hellip; good reading habits let me benefit from the infinite life; good reading content gave me full development; good reading methods let me learn bored. Accompanied by books, healthy growth. I read, I am happy. Reading with me! I read, I am happy

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I’m in charge today.
Today, I just want to sleep. But my mother suddenly burst into a cry, and scared off my dreams. “ small Yan, get up! Aren’t you alone today? ” Oh, right. I’m in charge today. ThereforeShoes for men FitFlopI got up and asked my mom to call dad. “ Shh, your father late last night after work, let him sleep. ” " oh. " I was reluctant to answer. Thought: dad must be in a dream to travel it! By noon, mom and dad are sitting at the table, my mother smiled and said: “ cook ah, husband! " ah? It can’t be true! I have been tired for a whole morning, but also told me to cook? Oh. No way, who asked me to do it today? As a result, I opened &ldquo in the kitchen; the club ”. The fish is not jumping, climbing shrimp. Look, the pumpkin roll is uncle, brother tomatoes on me about &ldquo graffiti ”. I’m busy, but mom and dad can laugh at me. Ah, fish paste! Oh, the soup is dry! Well, I throw the small shrimp…… Busy for a long time, I brought a plate of &ldquo ” abrotanoides;. Dad asked me what it was. I answer: " well, this is, this is, oh &ldquo ” Africa abrotanoides;. This dish is’ small paste fish ‘, that dish is’ shrimp did not have’, still have ‘dry soup’…Floretta Fitflop 2014 Brown & Red" listen to my brains to introduce, mom and Dad had to laugh over the day. No way, we only eat instant noodles. In the afternoon, we go to the supermarket to buy things, hey hey, my mother gave me 100 yuan to let me control! “ potato chips, jelly, bugles, chewing gum, and my favorite tea! ” to the checkout, the cashier said: “ children, 136 yuan, please pay. ” ah? I paid 100 yuan, the other 36 yuan by the father to pay, but the father did not want to pay the way, but smiled and looked at me. In desperation, I trot, the most expensive stuff back, paid the bill. Looking at a few dollars remaining pocket money, I can not worry about it…… I’m in charge today! Fitflops Online Sale Cheap, Fitflop Superboots Order today I headed

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I look forward to the Youth Olympic Games
Youth Olympic Games, is the Youth Olympic Games, is the youth of the world gathered together, through sports competitions to promote the friendship between the players, hone the players of a platform. And I look forward to the Youth Olympic Games must be a fair, just, open youth olympic. Here the fair, not only refers to the judgment of fairness and justice, all players to in a fair and impartial attitude to the game, with the other players of sports competition, must take “the friendship first, competition second” sports competition purpose to their own requirements. In the sports match, the harvest is successful, the harvest is happy, after the harvest, the bright flowers. But sometimes the game is a failure and frustration, but notMukluk boots sale FitFlopGet the success and happiness you want. This time we should not have too much sadness and hate. Only in we fail when learn to strong, learn how to do more efforts, learn how to learn the strengths of others, in the study to his progress was faster in learning from failure. In the next game to harvest success. But sometimes when failure with you, I hope athletes don’t get discouraged, but make persistent efforts, in the sports arena to spell results improve their, game play their best, let oneself even lost never guilt. This can be, even if you lose, you will not be disappointed. I also hope that each player can not go against their own conscience, the use of drugs such as stimulants in the sports arena. In this way, not only to harm their body, but also to other players is not fair. If it is found will be disqualified from the tournament, so in the game even play their talents are not, not very much regret it? If it is not found, you win the match, won does not shine, oneself also can life feel guilty and uneasy. So, I look forward to a fair, just and open the Youth Olympic games. A Youth Olympic Games that everyone praises. Even if I as an ordinary primary schoolLuna Pewter Fitflop, men grizzly Fitflop freeway can cheer for all people on the scene, but I will in front of the TV for every athletes to cheer. So even if the failure is not discouraged, as long as the efforts of any person is a winner, all life in the championship, there will be people cheering for you. I look forward to the Youth Olympic Games

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Cry one day

Sale UK online FitFlop“ HA ha! ” I’m here today.Designed Fitflop Arena Black Comfortable UniqueCarry forward the square! On Saturday, I and my sister came to Hong Yang square play, unfortunately, a door I heard a bad news: because the weather is not good, so the eleven outdoor projects are not open. Which alsoHigh Tops AdidasI have come to the most wanted to play the wheel of the wheel (this wheel is 116 meters high, is the highest in Asia). But I did not give up play, but took her sister into the indoor playground. Inside, I realized that my age, but the outdoor not open, only will! We round the room around the two laps, finally locked on the target in the bumper cars, after buying the tickets I to fly speed rushed into the car, quickly adjust the position and fasten the safety belt, starting! I a limb throttle down, unexpectedly has no response, so I stepped on the foot, ah, this turned out to be washed out, see will hit the guardrail on the, but at this moment, in my left suddenly a car hit up, I think if you don’t wear a seat belt, I probably will like & ldquo; Angry Birds & rdquo; that is bounced out, gazed at a glance, the original is my sister, I decided with her & ldquo; never Sizhan & rdquo. But &ldquo and ”; first, the game is over. My heart suddenly raised a little bit of lost. Then I and my sister came to a named & ldquo; survive running & rdquo; terrorist front of the cabin, then propaganda film issued a terrible voice, uttering the ear, like a needle general abnormal terror. At the beginning, I was still in the heart of hesitation, suddenly determined, I will not this project. We toward the depth of travel, came to the Cinema 4D door, at the gate of the cinema we received a special glasses, when the film everything started, take glasses to watch really feel the body is monitoring the environment, we see the film really is and thrilling and exciting, when the hero dinosaurs fell into the pit, our seats also subsequently one earthquake, like falling down like; when dinosaurs spit, our faces were sprayed with water. With the loss of time, gradually the dark days down, we are reluctant to part left the park. Cry one day

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