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I, a girl in grade five, is a person who is sometimes introverted and sometimes outgoing. To me, the lovely, quiet sitting there doing my own thing, as if the world has nothing to do with noise. Outgoing, optimistic, I immediately like to turn a 360 degree bend, changed a person, what things are interested in what they want toMen FitFlopKnow.Boots UK FitFlopI am ready to help others. Once, a little girl wanted to take the top toy supermarket shelves, foot stand high, but no matter how she tried to get all the water, tears in the eyes straight in front. Her “ careless ” her mother didn’t know where to go. I walked up, said “ little sister, I come to help you get it! ” so, my feet weigh gently, his toys to her, her innocent smile, tears ran to the water early do not know where to go, said “ thank you sister, it’s very nice of you. ” listen to the innocent words, I said: “ to learn Oh ” to see her happy, I am also very happy, this is probably because to help others! But everybody can’t be perfect, I’m the same. My weakness is sometimes very careless. Once, at almost 9 points, I yawned and ready to go to bed, I suddenly remembered that there was “manual” mathematical evaluation did not write, stumbled and went to the table, open operation, in front of the word is not very clear, I rubbed his eyes, tired to write up & hellip …; the morning of the second day of math class, the teacher of Zhuang five (a) class “Evaluation Handbook” on issues of evaluation. I listened, body sweat. Finished, wrong so many questions. Sure enough, after the operation of the hair down, I found the topic requirements “ the number of small to large ” and I wrote “ from the big to small ” and a judgment is wrong, there is a table. Heaven! I regret very much, only a pity that there is no regret in the world, I can only accept the reality of … … can be imagined, the consequences are very serious. But I am me! Sometimes the inward and outward looking girls, to do is to open a happy growth, happy learning. I