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“The window of the small peas.”

“The window of the small peas” on — — I admire Mr. Kobayashi Sosaku, I was fond of reading, every book is like a seed in my heart take root, its fruit make my mind gradually enriched. Recently read a book “the window of the small peas”, so I fell into a reverie of unlimited … … “the window of the small peas” is about a little girl called little girl, because naughty, affect the classroom order, the first grade in primary school when he was expelled from the teacher. Later, she wasNederland timberlandTo a man named &ldquo ” Pakistan Academy; the school, after four hours of chat and Mr. President (after exactly the first2014 Bow Blue FitflopStudents listen to the small Peas four hours later), small Peas became a Pakistan academy student, later, many interesting things have happened in Pakistan in the garden, small Doudou also gradually got rid of his bad for her future success lay a solid foundation for &hellip & hellip;; indeed, Pakistan academy is unique in — — — the classroom is a car made of scrap trolley; the school gate is made of two tall straight tree; every class order of their own arrangements, if the morning is to finish the homework, the teacher took the afternoon we walked to go for a walk.Black Fitflop Dass MenLearn a lot of knowledge of life … … on the surface, the book’s protagonist is a small peas; in fact, if you go over, you can understand, the real protagonist, is Pakistan academy principal sosaku Kobayashi Mr. He, that a seemingly unacceptable way of education, but gave birth to a successful person! I admire Mr. President, especially was blown up in Pakistan academy, Mr. President said that the sentence is: “ the next time I must in the construction of such a school! ” in the words with a calm Mr. President, this is the ordinary people difficult to do. The spirit of the president is like standing on the top of a tall tree, we need to look up to see his figure! “The window of the small peas.”