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I read, I am happy

I read, I’m happy book, is the illness of cure. The book is lonely when good friends. The book is light in the night. The book has become a part of my life. Swim the sea, I harvest. I read, I am happy. &ldfitflop Brown Flower Typequo; the book house of gold, a beautiful woman in the book ”. When I have finished all the things, reading, is my best choice. Open the book, taste, you can find a lot of wonderful book. This year Spring Festival is coming, I take step to grandfather paternal grandmother the family car, in my grandmother’s house, I found one of my books, I scoop up eagerly read up. When grandma calledNew Fitflop Frou Flower Sandal Amazing VioletWhen I was eating, I thought it was the bad guy in the book: “ the bold and the bad guys! ” grandma met with joy to say: “ silly girl, the meal. ” this time, I came back to God. See the whole family laughing. Have a book to accompany, happy go hand in hand. I read, my wisdom. By reading, I know a lot of knowledge. Through history books, I understand a lot of historical stories; through science books, I know the nature of the existence of many scientific mysteries; through all kinds of newspapers and periodicals, I know a number of international events. I remember once in the Chinese examination of intellectual big surf, there is a question stumped me, I left think right think, do not want to come out. I was disappointed, I know a lot of truth. I think: additional points certainly can not getFitFlops cheapest. Suddenly, my mind flashes of wisdom, the book does not have this problem? I quickly fill out the answer, I am in the heart silently grateful to the teacher who can not speak. Accompanied by books, to enhance the wisdom of. I read, I grow. Read the “Adventures of the onion” I understand that a man to be as brave as the onion, to do things like onion. Read “I and little sister Clara” I know to help others is equal to a happy harvest. See the “Detective Conan” I know everything must adhere to in the end & hellip; & hellip; good reading habits let me benefit from the infinite life; good reading content gave me full development; good reading methods let me learn bored. Accompanied by books, healthy growth. I read, I am happy. Reading with me! I read, I am happy