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Read Ukraine Diudiu have a sense of adventure
Jin Bo’s fairy tale “adventure” Ukraine Diudiu brings me a great harvest. This fairy tale for people to convey more information and knowledge, but also let us see the text behind the author’s true feelings reveal. “The lost adventure” let me find the seal in the inner corner of the dream. You think it once was spent to remember there is a wind of the butterfly, but also remember the butterfly in order to realize the promise to fly against the wind to death, remember it in order to make their own soul forward, to realize the promise of hardships & hellip; & hellip; reading so far, I was deeply shocked, I is it clean and pure mind moved, I touched, admire to read, reading & hellip; & hellip; the butterfly in order to repay the harships flower, in order to practice their promise & mdash; mdash; and flower date, with their own body and wind resistance, read to the children it was our impression of the beautiful appearance and inner small butterfly? No, it is the embodiment of a noble and strong mind. Each department works have a memorable role, which only upwind of the butterfly has touched me deeply, in the hearts of people turned into a beautiful and strong soul. In order to realize their ideals, it is constantly trying to … … I began to envy it, a small creature. After numerous ups and downs, although the final in the wind tenaciously to die, but to achieve their promise is the eternal pursuit. Read here I thought of myself: when I first entered kindergarten door, when I just can understand that colorful illustrated children, I want to become a can write & ldquo; lotCL Chi-Kaze Damen ReebokStory & rdquo; writer, but an elementary school, I in the study encountered a lot of difficulties, so I often find excuses for yourself to find the escape route, now has become a writer’s dream leave me more and more distant &hellWalkstar FitFlopsIP; & hellip; read the book, I can not help but in the Ukraine lost adventure “on the title page wrote in the such a sentence: & ldquo; I would like to beSandals sale FitFlopsA beautiful butterfly, and never stop to pursue their own dreams! ” read Ukraine Diudiu have a sense of adventure