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My water saving story

My primary school affiliated to Nanjing University of Finances and Economics five water-saving story (2) class a family Water is the Source of Life. In kindergarten, I knew the existence of life there are 3 conditions of — — water, air and temperature. If there is no water in the world, so all life will disappear. In the teacher’s education, in the parents’ urging, I’ve developed a good habit of saving water, but also explored some good ways of saving water. I am sensible from the beginning, dad asked me to have to turn off the tap. He said: “ Many a little make a mickle., sand into the tower, rivers and lakes is composed of a drop of water. ” one time, I washed the face, because of a hurry to play, in a hurry, did not close the faucet, the water is enough to have more than one hour. This mistake, let 5 red fingerprints on my buttocks. Father rubbed meFitflop Flare Exquisite Pebble Gorgeous 2012 SaleSaid the ass, he is not distressed water, but to2014 Luna FitFlopI have a good habit. From now on, I pay more attention to save water. In the face of time, I always put on a small basin in the water below, use it to catch the wash water. Especially in the winter, every day I will wash the hot water to wash their feet, feet after washing socks, socks, after washing then poured water into a bucket of accumulated, used for toilet flushing. As I grow older, I gradually find out the flushing toilet water saving small “ tricks &rdquoTiger Onitsuka;. That is as good as the control valve of the time, not like some people do, hold the valve down, until the emergence of vortex, so the waste of tap water too much. In addition, I was in the toilet water tank put a stone, one flush of a toilet can save water and the volume of the stone as big, proved, I do, and no affect the quality of flushing. In my home, I specially prepared some bottles of Sprite for mom, for washing water. Tao Mishui watering the asparagus, Chlorophytum isometric rough branches green, very gratifying. My mother has prepared a large plastic bucket, she devoted to the collection of vegetables in the water, but used for watering and flushing. This is my water saving story, I wonder if you can get some useful inspiration from it? (Coach: Cheng Xiaojie) my water saving story