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“Around the world in eighty days.
Books are our spiritual food. The reading of science fiction can enrich our imagination, so “around the world” is the Eighty Day I bought third of the science fiction, I love to read this book. “Around the world in 80 days” mainly tells the story of Mr Fogg poker is a bank manager, lost a sum of money, however, Mr Fogg then want to travel around the earth week, Mr Fogg and friends and made a bet, if he is not around the earth 80 days a week, he will he have two thousand pounds in the bank all to his poker, so, his friend very happily promised. The next day, when he and his servant, Jack of all trades went to the dock for outings. Police suspect the famous Mr Fox is the thief steal bank, so called the a great detective to watch Mr Fogg. On the way, Mr. Fogg two met a lot of difficulties, like save in the field of the cult. On the train start fights and so forth & hellip; & hellip;. They experienced many difficulties. The detective tried various ways to stop Mr Fogg, but each time without success, finally, finally succeeded, Mr. Fogg, exactly 80 days, he completed the a difficult to complete the task to the around the middle school students’ growth cannot kick off a week. After reading this story, I understand a truth, that is, in this world, there are many difficult to complete, but, as long as you try, as long as you go to work, it will be harvested! Whether this harvest is much less, not just like this, I also know that if someone deliberately to stop you to do something meaningful, youRokkit Pretty White Diamond Black Fitflop SandalsMust not beMukluk tall FitFlopListen to him, because, do anything must have their own ideas, encounter difficulties to learn to think, learn to calm the problem solving, not to be intimidated by the difficulties, don’t always be counted on to others to help themselves, this is a great success of the secret in the future, I must learn that Mr Fogg’s strong spirit, don’t be afraid to encounter things to be strong. Only in this way, we will become a better person to in today’s fickle world based, enjoy a piece of heaven and earth, become a as a person. “EightyBoots sale uk FitFlopDay around the world “.

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Book review
After I read this book and have a never to experience the feeling. “Around the world in eighty days” French writer Verne’s works. Here Hoge is a hero of the rich, handsome gentleman, the courage to challenge the impossible. The heroine is e of India women’s beautiful, gentle personality. Because Hoge saved his life, and finally became the wife of Hoge. There are two people, a is Perth Bader & mdash; & mdash; Hogg’s servant, another is British Interpol & mdash; mdash; Fei grams. Paz Bud is a gentle and brave man in France, Fick is rather conceited, that Hoge is a bank robber, in vain to track him around the world in eighty days. This book is very nervous even! Nervous heartbeat, shortness of breath; nervous hand flipping pages are difficult to stop, just want to read it. Why so nervous? Should be very relaxed, very happy, very strange, very fresh! But that is because the story takes place in the year 1872, but at that time no aircraft, remote transactions mainly rely on trains and ships, not only slow often due to climatic or anthropogenic factors, resulting in delays, so want to 80 days to travel around the world, the claim is a difficult challenge. Plus this journey, the protagonist Hoge and a bet of 20000 pounds, to complete it, so he could not free to play, but must race against time! Contest! Contest!New Fitflop Trakk BlackIt must always be vigilant, to overcome all kinds of difficulties in the journey; you say, how can one not nervous? But Hoge, a journey, was recognized when the bank money awayFitflop Leather Lexx Black Slippers For MenThe thief, police was chasing &hellip … wow! This is full of tension and suspense was extremely. From the first piece of a storm’s big bet to Chapter Seven arrived back in England, I see the atmosphere did not dare even to breathe, while happy chaos jumping, while tensionFitFlops at bootsBlushed, while sad tears. The whole face is like a barometer. Why am I so fascinated? Because I love to read this book, he deserves my love. Book review

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Give mom feet
Today is the weekend, the day before the teacher arranged a job &ldquo to ” the mother’s feet;. I thought the teacher was joking, the teacher said, if you do not finish the homework, you will learn the text copied three times. I wonder, I never gave my mother washed the feet, how to do2014 Bow Orange FitflopIt. If I don’t finish the homework, you’ll be punished. At this time, my father came over and asked me “ how the ”. “ today, the teacher assigned a job, I leftLewis FitFlop JohnDo not know how to complete the right thinking. ” “ what is the homework. ” “ to the mother’s feetSale online FitFlop”. “ you must finish it, when your mother every night to wash your feet, don’t you forget it. ” “ I remember, but I don’t know how to express it. ” “ it’s enough to see your sincerity. ” say, mother let us go to dinner. After eating, it is already more than eight points. After the mother and father to me to wash the feet of water, ready to go to the end of their own. I quickly put on slippers to grab the hands of the mother wash the feet of water, that moment, my mind only two word & mdash; homework. I said &ldquo today; let me for your feet. ” “ silly boy, I am not a sixty or seventy year old woman, I will wash. ” “ no, I must for your feet. ” mother reluctantly had to promise. Mom sat on the chair, I gently to mother’s socks off, scaring the daylights out of me, my mother’s feet rough a lot, without the usual run flat. My tears are in my eyes. My mother said to me “ our little princess grew up, to the mother’s feet. ” suddenly I smiled, my mother smiled, happy smile, happy smile, happy smile. Mother’s tears came out. At this moment, I feel very happy, I hope to stay in this moment forever.