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Jin Ji Jin
Once upon a time, there were two people in a small mountain village planting orchard. Although there is no table delicacies from land and sea can be three meals a day, don’t worry. The day passed, his father got sick, losing his father’s son became love leisure and hate labour. Winter to spring, the father said to the son: “ son ah, go to the orchard in addition to weed it, people mistakenly day, day by mistake people a year! ” the son says with disapproval: “ what is the grass? Weeding can be the result of it? Not go! ” hot sun baked the earth, his father advised his son watering, the son said: “ what do you care? When it rains, God help it, don’t get it. ” father urged his son to fertilization, the son said impatiently: “ Shi what fertilizer? Yelaguigen! Leaves fall, the roots will be absorbed, what is a good fertilizer? ”. No one to take care of the orchard, a grass Jin Meng long, almost no the waist, the ground is dry, gradually barren orchards. One day, old son called to the front of the bed, he feebly said: & ldquo; & hEllip; & hEllip; son, I quickly & hEllip; & hEllip; dying, I have a pot of gold, buried & hEllip; &hLuna Black Pearl ShiningElliFitFlop florettap;埋在果园里&hEllip;&hEllip;”“父亲,父亲金子到底埋在哪儿呀?”孩子两眼发亮,摇晃着父亲问道。可是父亲已经说不出话了。  埋葬老人后,儿子急忙扛着锄头就在果园里挖,挖了一棵、两棵、三棵、四棵&hEllip;&hEllip;挖遍了果园也没见那装着金子的罐子。儿子觉得自己挖得不够深,又挖了一遍,这次挖得更深了,大约有一尺,可依然连金子的影子都没见到,儿子大失所望,埋怨父亲骗了他。  秋天来了,红艳艳的苹果缀满了枝头,把树枝都压弯了,儿子因给园子翻了一遍土,果园获得了大丰收。儿子这才明白父亲说的金子的含义。  劳动才能FitFlops buyTo create real wealth!