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Pukou District Taishan primary school five (5) Xu Jingjing
I and the green Olympic Gongcheng Changqing Olympic Junior Olympics, referred to as the Youth Youth Olympic, Youth Olympic games. 2014 will be an unusual year. Because in this year, Nanjing will host the Youth Olympic games. At that time, the eyes of the world will gather in Nanjing. And Nanjing, will be the master’s identity, to show her the most beautiful style. Will make the world a better understanding of Nanjing style. Youth Olympic Games for each of the Nanjing people and primary school students, there is a sense of pride. We are going to meet the Youth Olympic Games in a completely new look. We can use the Youth Olympic Games this “ stage ” to show the beautiful city of Nanjing and a long history of urban culture. Let the world know Nanjing, Nanjing. The 2014 Youth Olympic Games is approaching us step by step. It is a sports event for young people, and it has been playing a role in promoting the common development of these areas and the Olympic Games. The 119th International Olympic Committee, held in Guatemala City in July 5th, the International Olympic Committee, agreed to establish the Youth Olympic Games in. According to the International Olympic Committee announced the bid process, all the bidding cities shall be 4 9 months of this year, a formal bid report submitted, the International Olympic Committee Executive Committee will be in December announced the final candidate cities, held in Vancouver, Canada in XX IOC 122nd session of the plenary session will be released ultimate elected cityFitflop Sling For Men Green NewCity. In the Youth Olympic Games, the championship is difficult, in the match with the opponent, difficult to go out; the crownRock Chic Coffee Sandals FitflopArmy is proud of, in the heart of tens of thousands of people, you are the best, because you & ldquo; conquer & rdquo; their champion is short, today may be the champion, tomorrow may mingluosunshan champion is valuable, in him, how many scaled new heights, to overcome the spirit of self. Human social activities can be carried out in an atmosphere of justice, in detail, and in celebration. I wish the Youth Olympic Games gamesspirit forever, bring peace to the world. Support Youth Olympic Games, create the future.Rock Chic Red FitflopI grow with the Youth Olympic games. Pukou District Taishan primary school five (5) class Xu Jingjing