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Parents love
The greatest love in the world is love! The greatest affection is the love of parents to their children. From I & ldquo; Wah Wah & rdquo; condescend to come of that a moment beginning, I became parents of special guests, accompanied by parents happy, they are doomed to for my toil life & hellip; & hellip; they contain my willful andUK FitFlop AmazonNaughty I slowly raised, although the helpless and angry, but they never complained & …FitflopFitflopTHE SKINNY BlackFloretta 2014 Brown & RedHellip; remember once, I was admitted to the hospital because of a high fever, and my father and mother are like ants on the hot pot, anxious to go round and round. All ask for leave to take care of me. Although sometimes two people will fight. For who is wrong, but it is good to take care of me. Although they usually right I mean, strict, sometimes I hate them, but to my sick time, their love for me will undoubtedly reveal. Mom is afraid that I am not used to eating meals in the hospital, especially from home burn a good meal with me, three meals a day, although sometimes will not eat, but to see mother so tired from home and hospital running back and forth, he hardened his scalp to mouth plug; the father afraid I was in the hospital stuffy panic, specially prepared for the all the jokes, stories and some strange stuff to the hospital to give my sorrows. Sometimes a story can be very long, but my father did not leak it to me, I really do not know how long he has been back … … in their care, I will soon be out of the hospital. Hospital that day, I accidentally between surprised to find, parents on the other end of the original black bright hair. Now a few repeated silver and a bit dull. Yes, they have a lot of old, in just a few days older! My eyes are wet, is it for me? I asked myself … … my mother saw me, and asked me anxiously: is there a feeling of discomfort? I shook my head hard, and she strained to face it! Then I had tears. This is the love of parents for children, meticulous care, but no complaint bear hardship without complaint … …

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My dream
Students on the playground laughter, laughter, which I am also in, I was watching a game of badminton! Why do I love watching badminton? I also want to be a badminton player! At the beginning, I saw the big brother and big brother on the field to play, to win the gold medal for the motherland, to get the national people, and even the world’s people’s applause. I have set up to be a good badminton player. I go to the square to play badminton for two hours every night. But half hearted I once passed in front of the theater, 403 saw three Gorges University of big brother is playing the game of basketball, fast players dribble and left red right to the basket, & ldquo; goal! ” I admire! And I like playing basketball. So, every day after school, I sang a song, a person on the pitch dribbling, shooting training. One day, a brother came to say: “ little brother, you alsoCrush Boot Black Leather FitFlopWill not walk on the practice run ah! & rdquo; I looked confused, he seemed to see the said: & ldquo; you don’t learn to dribble, dribble, shooting posture & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; he has to teach aFitflop Fleur Pale Bronze NewAgain, I played for four hours, to learn how to dribble and crossovers. I returned home, sitting on the sofa, and I feel sore feet. Back home, I turn on the TV to see the central 5, see a foreigner and a Chinese people are waving table tennis racket. I think: big ball is not good, the ball is really fun! Besides, table tennis is a national sport. So, twelve years old, I lost the ball! “ table tennis, table tennis, Ping pong! ” I’m humming a little song to the table tennis training room, and an old man.Shoes men UK FitFlopTo start, I side serve not, slowly I will sent, but grandpa sent me the ball, then a good look at, I waved his hand, ball but not then, beat actually from my hand fly out. After thoroughly tempered, can finally hair, then, the drawing and pulling, rotation, rushed, I now in class skills can also ranked third. I’m very happy! I will understand: in order to achieve the ideal and the process of the process, the most important! The most important to pay! Whatever the outcome!