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An awful period of time.
When the exam, I will have a puzzling nervous, even if is a small cannot again small mathematical calculation test, or I have prepared very well the exam, always nervous, like got a & ldquo; exam syndrome & rdquo;. The April small unit test is not over and a group of & ldquo; tigers of the division & rdquo; flew at me, that is mid-term exam. As we all know, there are two exams in a semester of the most important, it checks the results of our study of a semester, a final exam, and the other is the mid-term exam. On the eve of the midterm exam, it is a few happy tears! Usually good performance, on the side of the book, while speaking, very quiet. But those who don’t listen carefully in class students, usually not well prepare review students, may suffer,Sale FitFlopsIn the exam to review results, finally only the test of the “ &rdquo — &mdash exam; 60 points up and down. There are a lot of the time, I on the midterm dismissive, final results guess can guess & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; fail & rdquo; only a about 80 points, every time, I will be at its end & ldquo; fast, writing papers & rdquo;, & ldquo; please gave me the silent word & rdquo; & hellip; & hellip; the words emerge in an endless stream, and I love the computer, and I can only insulation. But sometimes it was a test2014 Grey Nine Diamond FitflopGood when it was not, as long as the test of good, that is my world, eat, drink, play, music, everything is empty. I’m afraid I’ve got “ ” the reason for it! To sum up, preview before class, listen to the teacher carefully in class, and after class to consolidate, examination, test it all god horse are clouds. The sense of achievement, will not appear unstable situation, therefore, in future study, ISlipper FitFlopTo do, work steadily learning, so, to become a person.