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read “Mysterious Island” felt

“God fitflop rock chic with diamond pieces coffee Secret Island” is a collection of wisdom, courage, perseverance, love of outdoor survival in one of the classic, this book I completely understand the science, the wisdom of importance.

Happened during the American Civil War, Union forces captured five trapped balloon ride fled Richmond, midway windstorm, was thrown on a desert island on the Pacific fitflops discount.
Engineers in order to save everyone, himself jumped from the balloon, the balloon reduce the weight, let the balloon fly again.
We find that engineers because engineers are their main heart, he has a lot of knowledge.
And so hard to find engineers, and finally ignite the flame of a match has been scraped off a major storm.
Engineers Smith knew there was no fire after waking up, looking out the clear sky, it is safe to say: 0026 ldquo; we will be able to start a fire.
0026 Rdquo; people responsible for hunting straight to the depths of the woods.
Soon they found a knot over the pine nuts Nanou Song, also hit a capybara like a pig.
When they return 0026 ldquo; home 0026 rdquo; when are surprised to find: a wisp of smoke rising wave moving from the rock.
Before long, the three hunters went to the 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, home Pande Krumlov carrying capybara, froze.
In front of a pile of burning fire, Smith and Spilett was standing by the fire.
0026 Ldquo; the fire, who is born of fire!
Capybara just can only bake overripe!
0026 Rdquo; 0026 ldquo; it is the sun!
0026 Rdquo; the sailors were shocked speechless.
0026 Ldquo; you have a magnifying glass?
0026 Rdquo; Herbert asked curiously.
0026 Ldquo; I myself made a fitflop shoes clearance.
0026 Rdquo; Smith replied.
Then, Smith and reporters to the simple magnifying glass out for everyone to see.
Smith and the reporter were removed from a watch glass, then clamped together two pieces of glass, the side with mud stuck in the middle filled with water, so that a magnifying glass up.
Sunlight through it together in the very dry lichens, lichens on fire.
Sailor admiration cast, in his eyes, Mr Smith simply angels.

In real life, we may not understand the importance of science, of wisdom, but once in times of crisis, they do not seem important but it can play a big role knowledge.
Such as: natural disasters or man-made disasters, fire, how we should escape trouble; the earthquake, we should be how to protect themselves from harm, how to save energy, to recognize deeds rescuers and help.
These need science, but how to improve science proper, a switch from a different material but with the same effect which rely on wisdom.

Read the “Mysterious Island”, I completely understand the science and wisdom are able to play a huge role in the case of surprise, we must learn, some seemingly useless things can not be discarded.

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October book review 400 words

“October” is the Chinese author Xuyou Bin write, I read it several times, very impressed.

This book is about a boy lost in October grew father, my mother suddenly died.
Mother’s departure in October so that the original relaxed and happy life has shifted one hundred eighty degrees.
Boarding house uncle, cousin endure indifference and hostility, in October there is always a desire to escape.
Mom left a letter in October and a key, there is an exercise on the letter: You have to stop crying, be strong, have no tears for seven consecutive days, you can open the chest with a key.
October difficulty fitflop sandal sale completed the exercises, opened the cabinet, who knows there are a 0026 ldquo; heaven letter 0026 rdquo; waiting for him, there are even exercises.
October playing 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, invented a game that looked just completed a mission impossible.
At the same time, in October also found to be strictly a secret for many years, it is not the biological mother of!
Loving aunt, mysterious Madame Butterfly, serious history teacher 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; October to find his mother, looking for himself, looking for home

Where the greatest impact of the October loving aunt of education.
Mom left a letter in October there an exercise to let go to work in October.
But his aunt told him to make up classes, but he could not finish the mother to his task.
He lied to the aunt went to work to help him find a job monkey friend, his mother gave him in order to complete the task is not even on the lesson.

I also have a mother’s love for me.
I remember as a child in poor health, many days sick.
That day, my mother came back to leave, quickly put me back to the hospital, on the way I saw my mother’s head sweat.
To the hospital I saw needles crying, my mother encouraged me to some daring.
Lay the needle, I slept.
When I wake up in time to see her mother tired eyes, I feel how my mother loved me.

What a great mother!
Including your mom, my mom and my mother died in October.

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US counterparts and book review 600 words

Put before the National Day holiday day, the teacher asked us to write “and US counterparts,” the book review, feel that they can participate in well-written essay.
I went home again carefully read of this book, read the whole day finished studying.
Inside this book wrote a lot about the 0026 ldquo; US 0026 rdquo; the story: There are honest people, Thanksgiving goodness of people, there are people who love to learn Scienscope have practical and competent people …… all
a wide variety of virtues story.

The world there are many like this virtuous people around us, there is such a person, for example: 0026 ldquo; the most beautiful mother 0026 rdquo; RULE, 0026 ldquo; best police 0026 rdquo; Chen Huiyong, 0026 ldquo; best driver 0026 rdquo; Woo, 0026 ldquo
; best dad 0026 rdquo; 2014 fitflop rock chic sandals with diamond pieces black Huang Xiaorong, 0026 ldquo; the most beautiful son 0026 rdquo; Chen Binjiang, 0026 ldquo; best doctors 0026 rdquo; Zhongxing Ju …… which I was most impressed that we Hangzhou, 0026 ldquo;
the most beautiful mother 0026 rdquo; RULE, at 13:30 on July 2, 2011, in a residential district of Hangzhou Binjiang District, a 2-year-old girl suddenly fall from the 10th floor niu, downstairs RULE rushed rushed over with his left arm connected
live child, caused by the huge impact a broken arm, the child after the rescue is no longer life-threatening.
Diagnosed multiple fractures of his left arm, injured more serious, full recovery may take six months, but the great hope for a cure.
The incident was reported on the heat transfer network, countless people moving.
When asked to save motivation, RULE replied: 0026 ldquo; it is instinct, as a mother should do.
0026 Rdquo; she is a mother, a child when the event occurs just seven months old, was still breast-feeding.
Girl falls in an instant life and death, knowing the huge impact would cause harm, she did not hesitate to reach out to such people touched by the spirit of sacrifice, is called 0026 ldquo; the most beautiful mother 0026 rdquo; fitflop walkstar 3.
Then we will see more beautiful Hangzhou people, 0026 ldquo; the most beautiful grandmother 0026 rdquo;, 0026 ldquo; the most beautiful sister 0026 rdquo;, 0026 ldquo; best teachers 0026 rdquo; …… Hangzhou is a beautiful garden city, will never lack beautiful

After reading “with US counterparts,” my heart was shocked, I think I usually say those words uncivilized, uncivilized thing to do, my heart is very guilty, I swear, never to not be the case, from
act now, trying to make a rokkit fitflops behavior, and language beauty, beauty of the soul of a good student!

Yes ah, around us there are many virtuous people like this, let us discover 0026 ldquo; US 0026 rdquo ;, 0026 ldquo Together let us show; US 0026 rdquo ;, Let 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;! with US counterparts
Become 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;! beautiful young pioneers

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blue button-book review

Read fitflop clog “blue button” article, I am: friendship between the students more than anything else, I must cherish the time at school.

Masao class to a new student named wild child.
After a while, the students are deliberately mocked her: 0026 ldquo; small fox, little fox.
0026 Rdquo; while wild child every time very frustrated, I secretly felt pity in his heart for the wild child.
Masao home mom to a wild child and told him, even Masao himself felt very ashamed.
Masao is a good boy in school often protect wild child, and she gradually became good friends.
Before transfer, the wild child of her most beloved Masao gave few gems buttons.

If it were me, know their most intimate partner’s best to leave me, I will like Masao same sad.
Masao body regardless of when, surrounded always with these three most valuable coin, looked at several blue button, as if the wild child in him, laugh together, playing, reading 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; these three
represents the wild child classmate new designed fitflop pietra bright classic red buttons, one for the crew, gave a sell goldfish who Masao with expectations, as well as their most childhood friendship incarnation, to the country, hope
They can meet again.
With infinite longing.
However, this is just a dream, it is a harbor, there are many beautiful houses, Ono lived a sell goldfish where people are moving around 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

I now want to cherish and each student friendship.
Time passed, and will never be lost, and friendship will be missed fitflop pietra silver also come back.
There is no ending feast, before long, then good things will disappear, and then will be yearning for a better burst.
So grab it now has everything!