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Hongyan word book review 1000

Grew up in the story of elders grew up, where on the Communist revolutionary hero story about the enemy’s underground party members to implement torture, so my little heart full of shock, while Liu Hulan, Dong Cunrui, Sister Jiang, Hui Wan 0026 hellip; many
familiar heroes, full of worship and admiration.
Winter, I carefully read the Chinese military literature masterpiece “Red Rock”, re-aftertaste bloody period of history.

“Red Rock” tells the story of the liberation of Chongqing, in Cinder Cave, Baigongguan and other prison, the enemy of my party underground torture in an attempt to obtain confidential from their mouth, and I’m crazy massacre revolutionaries story; Hui Wan, Sister Jiang, Cheng
Kong, wooden bamboo and other communist traitor informant in the enemy under torture perseverance, unflinchingly with their lives and blood to defend the dignity and confidentiality of the party, with the armed struggle eventually defeated the enemy.
It is their efforts, only today’s prosperity and peace and prosperity of the Republic 2014 fitflop bow blue!

In the book, I saw countless morally revolutionary martyr: Will like steel Sister Jiang, Hui Wan, calm and sedate Chenggang, Yuxin Jiang, in order to endure the pain of Hua Zailiang revolution and so on.
Especially spies in order to set out from the mouth of Sister Jiang important secrets of the party, the thick long bamboo stick her nails driven into sutural that period, I can not help but read the next sound of tears all fitflops ireland, the kind of terrible pain piercing
simply outrageous!
And Sister Jiang always strong enough to say: 0026 ldquo; flogging torture test is too small, bamboo child is made of bamboo, party members will be made of steel.
0026 Rdquo; there Hui Wan, in the face of the enemy torture, cruel torture and coercion, always strong and unyielding, unmoved, his superhuman will, in the clutches of the enemy twice defeated death, in an isolated prison
hard with both hands to dig a channel to escape, leaving his comrades that he was martyred.

For Hui Wan, Sister Jiang and other Communists, although the enemy can be harsh physical abuse, but in the face of the revolutionary spirit and impregnable fortress triumphalism built into the enemy is unable to do anything.
Physical grind of the revolutionaries did not shake the morale; and the hard life in prison, but honed their will.
Helpless enemies had to admit: Any punishment glamorous womens fuchsine sandals frou are having no effect on the revolutionaries.
It gives the face of looming jaws Hui Wan, whose firm, heroic bravery particularly memorable:

Death, for a revolutionary, how useless threats.
He moved Shenseziruo crippled feet, dragging rusty iron shackles, no longer stand on both sides of the spy Hu recalled, went across to the stairs, walked to open the gates cellar.
He stood tall stone steps, suddenly come back to face spy culprits follow after, broke the command said: 0026 ldquo; go!
Leading the way.
0026 Rdquo;

I will Hui Wan, Sister Jiang provisional sentence before calmly farewell, heroic martyrdom read that part again, and every time I am creating a sense of tremor.
The reason I want to impress me, the mystery is that it is about to wake up in my mind, because the share of life and leisure Tianshi unawakened vision, that is, as a successor to the communist dream of eternal struggle.

Yanjuan thoughts, I was full of interest to Baidu the “Red Rock” background information.

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Mo’s Mischief book review 300 words

“Mo’s Mischief” is a children’s series of novels, I would look forward to be able to see it, winter came, I pestered fitflop sale sandals mother bought one.

I read the “pet concentration camp” is a series.
It tells the story of the main fitflop uk online people stallion small jump and its partners a wonderful reflection of an injured Shih Tzu dog in the accident, out of compassion, they see a doctor for the Shih Tzu dogs, which met a bulldog bin Laden, and many cute small chihuahua
small dogs.
Dogs live together, play, have established a profound friendship.
Especially Osama bin Laden, it is mighty air, help the weak partner.
For parity poodle, it rushed stopped hurtling car.
Poodle saved, bin Laden has never left the dogs, leaving little horse jump.

I always thought that only talent is the most emotional creatures, but after reading this book, I know it has a sincere friendship and humanity in general between the animals.
Many animals also love between the weak, defend the family 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; people can do almost animal can do.
Some people are afraid to see someone injured for responsibility and refused to help, in fact, these people are not as good as a dog too!
Dogs will save ah, this spirit is very worthy of our study.
People and animals are flat fitflop rock chic purple, etc., are all life on Earth, so we have to treat them.

This beautiful book is the statement, especially the use of the language of the child, the story interesting, no wonder we are now like to see this book too!