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Little Princess Daddy and short book review

Young girl slightest silent tears, bad news like fitflop cha cha red amazon fitflops sale uk consumer interest as a needle-like fitflop ltd bar in her heart, the very young, she tied the pain hurts, my father died
Ferocious aunt heaven, that is my father’s ex-wife, and a brother back, to seize the slightest property.
Cecil was forced to move to a poor maid’s room.
Because of lack of money, bad aunt wanted to sell the house, but that was left to her father, where she and her father, bit by bit, even if they are bad aunt beaten black and blue, she still insisted.
Faced with the “bad aunt,” the Baibandiaonan, fishes or repeatedly patience?

After reading this book, I feel exceptionally heavy, like a black trace the fate of the tower, seen the sun throughout the year, but she had to be strong, to take her to live, I believe that one day she can see the beam
returning to the sun.

Cecil’s story reminds me of Helen? Keller, she also has a different firm, the kind of courage and fight fate.
Childhood blindness, ears to hear, can not speak, this is a terrible world ah?
Dark face, the face of the silence of death, how can I bear a very young age, Helen!
But she has never admit defeat the spirit of how invisible?
Hear what?
Life is to rely on their own efforts to fight the age of 20, she has learned eight languages, and then also wrote a rage “If my sight for three days.”

No trace of their loved ones may be strong, deaf-blind Helen also be strong, I can be stronger!
After that, I have to learn to do a strong man!

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The Yellow River is the book review how these changes

In childhood , I heard Mom and Dad said : 0026 ldquo; The Yellow River is the cradle of the Chinese family name ; I ‘d love to take a look at this article today after school , my mood is very heavy , the Yellow River actually actually burst in 1500 and 2000
repeatedly , diversions 26 times, I am surprised why it fitflop silver astrid new disaster such a troubled river , the cradle of the Chinese nation can escape it?

0026 nbsp; to learn this lesson over , I know ; in the tens of thousands of years ago, the Yellow warm climate, lush forests , fertile land .
Our ancestors have chosen to live and multiply there .
Later, however, the Yellow River has changed, it started up ferocious violent , therefore , the Yellow River has become a Chinese family name hardship .
There are two reasons for the change of the Yellow River , one of natural causes , the second is man-made causes .

0026 nbsp; I later determined to be a scientist , so insist on the Loess Plateau , animal husbandry , fitflop aztek chadafitflop shoes clearance slide urban white forest -based business direction , and to most people plant trees , so that we will become the mother of a certain good .