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Do not be afraid to learn book review

Everyone will encounter trouble growing , one is dealing with a growing worry , we grew up.
Maybe now people make fun of you because of your score and cry , maybe because now you are not good enough to learn and self-esteem , maybe now you’re jealous because you learn the enemy suffer bite soul.

When you encounter trouble Who will help you ?
Are parents?
Maybe they are not deep culture ; a teacher?
Maybe you do not want the teacher announced ; be boys?
Maybe you do not want the students to know their weaknesses …… Now, he is the best friend

You will find a particularly good 0026 quot; friend 0026 quot; to help you learn the solution out of trouble, he will not be the same in a way you are not interested in talking to other people , he would use the melodious voice of complaint you speak
one reason the story to be tight-lipped secret to keep his secret , he will make you laugh it off or thoughtfully grow in happiness .
He was like a warm hand in winter and summer without the waves of cool , comfortable he will accompany you from the troubles .
It is, ” Do not be afraid to learn .”

Perhaps you only heard the story of the prince and princess , but no fool and heard the story of the princess , which is why?
Because as long as the diligent can fool profound ; Onggi shop owner , though blind, but as long as a Dian Dian items can know more Yugaoke use womens fitflop shoes , a boss Is there magic?
It was not , because he can practice makes perfect ; two brothers painting, why hard-working people who do not loose paint it ?
Because he understands learning shoetique fitflop want to work and rest ; Newton too attentively , hungry but had wanted eggs made ​​the watch, this is why ?
Do not laugh at him, and he learned to concentrate on just such a cause ; others think Monopoly than the house , but it collapsed because fitflops supertone fast , which is why ?
Oh, because the foundation is not built prison.
All this issue , so that people feel incredible ; just look at “Do not be afraid to learn ” will be able to get more answers .

The real growth is self-growth .
This book seems to open the window a fan of self- knowledge , in order to build a level of self- grade ladder , after reading the book you will absorb knowledge of 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, nutrition will be surprised to find that he grew up.

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read “Harry 0026 middot; Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” felt

Whenever vision skip jk Rowling ‘s book 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; ” Ha 2014 fitflop due patent sandals red Lee 0026 middot; Potter” , a kind of intimacy arises spontaneously.

Open the cover of purple , light blue mysterious fascinating text printed on paper , Every time, I always wanted a hungry lion , rushed up 0026 ldquo; Wen 0026 rdquo;

Beloved prey , can not wait to book won , and makes the same bite as the silkworm .

jk Rowling protagonists is a kid named Harry , who lost their parents when young , his parents are one in the wizarding world we do not even say the name

Great Satan to kill everyone with danger, Tan 0026 ldquo; magic 0026 rdquo; discoloration.
In Harry’s impression, that only the green light to the sinister and evil that sinister but 0026 ldquo; quack 0026 rdquo; sound.

Harry did not die, he made Voldemort lost everything.

Time passed quickly , ten , Harry at his aunt and uncle suffered bullying .
Let him do chores aunt , uncle every time the words are like a lion , can not wait

He ate , and his brother Daly is bullied him ,

With that help each Hupenggouyou chased Harry .

Until there is a letter.

Uncle looked alarmed , fitflops walkstar face look green.
He opened fitflop shoes co uk beginning with his family to flee the house, Harry and Daly did not know what is going on .

Harry’s birthday is coming, and suddenly a giant appeared , changed the fate of Harry’s .
Giants stared at Harry, Harry look scared straight , he told he was magic school

School enrollment , which makes him very shocked.

Harry went to the magic school , he met friends Hermione and Ron , but also recognize the rival Malfoy , he learned the magic stone and prevents Voldemort won the Philosopher’s Stone .

Harry 0026 middot; Potter mad from the heat in the campus again.

Dumbledore award 170 points to their college , he became the first college .

Any of the Harry Potter story to continue .