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eternal eyes book review

Today, I read ” eternal eyes” , was deeply moved.

Text mainly about the three generations of one already and ready to donate corneas deeds, praise their noble sentiments .
I also know of the value of life is not a request , but the dedication.
Dedication can start from little things around .

This reminds me of life in us.
On one occasion , the teacher told us to raise money for earthquake children , giving them a box of colorful brush , draw the most beautiful picture ; There is a book , a thin comic books , so that they can understand the ocean in the book
the pleasure of reading ; has a pencil box , pencil box boxy , let them learn the next level 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

After listening to the teacher about the next day at noon , the students happily line up to the stadium, will own pocket money , 5 yuan , 10 yuan , 50 yuan into the collection box in .
Of course, I am no exception , the band ‘s 10 dollars solemnly into fundraising cheap fitflop boots box , was flattered .

Yes ah, gifts of roses , hand a fragrance !

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to make a moral person book review

Make a moral person cited one book about morality tale , let me many benefits , such are: Jackie without avatars, Home Alone , kneeling Tibetan antelope 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; Some let me be great
inspiration : for example, there are : Prime Minister library , etc. Do not take a joke integrity .

Especially the 0026 ldquo; Home Alone 0026 rdquo; story , I looked deeply touched ; I must share with you .
The little girl is very special Tricor family : mom due to congenital polio , feet , weakness, walking need to use a wheelchair ; father suffering from dwarfism , also hump.
Dad in the lock factory workers in ordinary days, my mother gave a garment factory cut shirt , t shirt thread of blood , supplement the family income .
Although her ​​family life’s bitter, but Tricor sensible and dutiful parents gave maximum comfort.
Because the parents of the special body , Tricor will do small chores , helping them reduce their burden.
Age of seven Tricor has assumed almost all of the housework , cooking and cleaning the age of eleven Tricor has a very neat dry up .
In this way, Tricor daily living hard but fulfilling life .
Doing housework , caring for parents with disabilities , is eleven years old卓佳生integral part of living .
Perhaps, in a simple lifestyle daily in 2014 fitflop rokkit khaki parents to do something , is her happiness.
After reading the above story, I touched a lot , I think Tricor is an extremely sensible , dutiful a child , we would like her to learn what kind of indomitable spirit , not for their parents sick and crippled and feel inferior , anti-
Seoul in such a difficult environment , attitude made ​​this age kids my age can not do the kind of strong positive life .
From Tricor I imagined her body every day of the fitflop sandals sale have the opportunity to be very busy , hectic and students even play at all.
And I do, every day, parents arranged everything , living under their parents care – lived fear of abject poverty , more than feel compassion , the things I do now feel it is too lacking
Although I think we are better than Tricor life , but we as parents done?
Tricor In this environment , can adhere to do, then we can not have any better than she do it?
I secretly resolved to learn to use the best return on their parents, and parents need to learn at home, do some daily work.
I would like Tricor learning .
Strive to be the eyes of the parents of the boy , the teacher in the eyes of a good student .

I write to you ; mood calmed down a little , but that busy Tricor in my mind , long time can not recede.
Looking out the window , the sun was shining , I lost in thought : maybe somewhere , and I Tricor hand in hand, playing together .
Tricor laugh is so happy.

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nanny boa book review

The book is the backbone of the ladder of life , progress.
We finally grabbed a dream long “nanny python ” , I thirst as hunger like to read it .
Birds and animals mentioned in the book think deeply attracted me like a magnet .
Which nanny python especially impressed me

Python , one looks very often inaccessible , it can nanny python , the entire image is not giving a ferocious feeling down a bit gentle and kind.

Pleasing nanny python

One pair of young couples to make a living , went out running around tending , so nobody children , are they anxious occasion , Zhao Chang can not send a hair find a nanny, who knows that a big snake , the couple were stunned ,
can Zhao Chang said his two children were with a large python , the couple reluctantly agreed to have a night, the couple had just come back, smelt thick smell of blood , ( in fact, when the wife and I feel very
tension fitflop shoes sale women, she was afraid their children are eating 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; anxious ) wife lit the lamp , the original is nanny to a red boa wrapped tightly jackals , red jackal suffocated , and the son also
where sleep is fragrant yet.
( Read about this time, I as a man, really can not imagine the consequences if the nanny is not there …… a python would like to sleep ) nanny boa body bruised, raw and bloody, wife to tears
, catch a big cock to nanny python Bubu .

Tim Paul fitflops electra disgusting python

Makes absolutely did not expect such a nanny python , and his family began to produce a contradiction.
When the wife likes the pro- child carrying children , at this time, nanny python staring jealously , revealing fiercely until his children .
( I am happy to see this laugh , this python is too funny friends, and people simply no different thing ! Shen Stony you really are representative of the animal kingdom , the animal write like people, come alive ) and then the couple most angry
when children eat chocolate , do not brush your teeth after eating to go to bed , my father is very wanted to hit him , ( it can be seen that the relationship between father children , teeth did not wash , blow it with a call to promote children brush their teeth , and, Dad reason to use typing
, is accused of playing a pro because of love ) can python or not, think meteor general , fast fly Dad, blink of an eye , my father ‘s arm was tied down , and can breathe , my mother called the nanny seeking children python loose
open, said the father did not beat you, then lets go , Dad had to temporarily surrender.
Nanny python has affected the family , the couple can not get angry !

Love is too deep to death

Just when the father wants new fitflop lunetta pewter python dismissed nanny , the family was transferred to the city to work .
When they take advantage of nanny Mang go foraging , sit stockade carriage, gone.
The nanny python Later it!
They stayed legacy thatched house, his mouth a little old son to wear T-shirts , eat or drink , called Chang wanted to lead it away , it does not go until weeks later starved to death ,
when he died in his mouth biting son that small undershirt ……

I think you see here , my heart will not taste it!
Anyway, I was soon in tears , as python loyalty and friendship !
Hey !
No matter what the animal , and a long time to be together always have feelings, we humans really can not hurt animals , and they should live in peace , so that they can survive in freedom .

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scarecrow book review

In 2013 the winter , I read tao grandfather wrote , ” Scarecrow .”
Tao is the creation of modern Chinese fairy who extended drought .
” Scarecrow ” is certainly novel and unique idea , describing lifelike , rich reality content of it!

Scarecrow is the farmer personally made ​​, his skeleton son is fine bamboo Bamboo Lane , his muscles , skin is yellow straw every year .
Pozhu basket , residual lotus leaf can do his hat ; hat below face flat plate , tell where the nose, where the eye .
His hand did not fingers, but holding a broken fan 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; actually this is nothing to get , but with a line leash Shanbing , hanging in the hands of Bale.
Although he made ​​is not very delicate , beautiful, but he is very responsible , Pima ah, Goua better.

Although he can not move, can not speak, but good -hearted , bent on helping those who are suffering .
I am reading , very touched my heart sour, filled with dull and depressing , scarecrow image lingering in my mind forever .

Poor old woman ah !
Not only dead husband , the only son even got diphtheria died, she was only one person alone .
May God still love her, and she came to a sad this wrong, old, no strength , had to land.
But then two years of trouble water , rice are flooded .
Fortunately, this year’s rice grow strong , not much rain , like energy harvest, but a few days , flying many Rouchong fall on Inaba frantically eating rice , gradually, a piece of green rice leaf
all gone , leaving only the light pole.
He heartache , could not bear to look , think hard and only in exchange for the owner’s tears and sighs , he looked down and cried.

More tragic thing happened , a fitflop sneaker a Yufu in the cold of the night going to boil porridge tomorrow , so had to be ruthless to their sick child dropped .
The sick child did not even water to drink one , not a little warm.
He can do nothing , grew more and more sad , crying even more pain.

Night darkens, the Scarecrow suddenly felt a man come through fitflop rock chic purple , turned out to be a woman, wearing a mast Duanao , hair a mess .
Her mouth issued a very sad voice, Scarecrow faintly hear her cry , because she was forced to live nowhere , wanted to commit suicide .
Scarecrow cry even more sad, flapping his hands hard fans, want fitflops boots that sleep and wake up in Yufu , but what use is it ?

Read this story , I did not know better , and now we are living in hard-won .
And past life simply can not be compared.
Now I went on home field , and now can air the Scarecrow .
Like a soldier , as guard on the green fields , has become a nose with eyes, put on a new top hat , put on his war service exclusive , it looks to see more tall , and more upright , and
but his quality has not changed, still standing on their posts conscientious , without the slightest fatigue .

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