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pi juvenile fantasy drifting book review

Today I read a book is ” juvenile fantasy drifting pi ” , this book makes me quite touched .

Junior School can be described as 0026 ldquo; grow in tribulation , because faith without any 0026 rdquo ;.
India is an ordinary school boy, with his family relocated once suffered shipwreck , and one called 0026 ldquo;. Richard Parker 0026 rdquo; tiger 227 days drifting at sea , relying on the natural environment to live the faith and struggle , eventually won
This book made ​​me understand what is spiritual strength , what is religion , what is God.
Faction in the absence of help , without food , without water hard to survive , suffering daily torture of hunger and thirst , rely on raw fish and thirsty little water to sustain life.
Whenever he despair, fantasy will have family around, surrounded by food, no loneliness and pain.
Exposure to the sun , the sea breeze to push disabled, suffering from hunger and terrible death did not make him lose the desire for life , but that he added the firm 0026 ldquo; live 0026 rdquo ;.
More slim hope of survival and hope in his heart would more clearly.
Worse , he overcame all sorts of 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, impossible to tame him a lot more than a big tiger .
He relies tenacious faith alive down , then he becomes his own god , he is also deeply spiritual strength that impressed me.
When the environment can not change it, change themselves to adapt to the environment , and overcome their own .
Send this can kill Richard Parker , but he did not.
He said Richard Parker’s presence to let him remain vigilant fitflops trainers sale.
Life time too , when we adapt to a life of ease , the will to forget their own, without the forward momentum will gradually numbness, gradual loss of self.
When you have an enemy as the driving force , we will always remain sober , aware of their existence.

This book teaches us a lot of life fitflops supertone truth.
Believe in yourself and overcome their own, this is self-reliance.
The biggest enemy is man himself, if the party lost hope of life , and that he could not live.
We also true.

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Zhaohuaxishi book review 400 words

Lu Xun’s open ” Zhaohuaxishi ” a beautiful language articles from my eyes slowly passing , in which the lines , I seem to come to understand what came to realize what 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

Petals morning , in the evening to pick up people to old age to recall memories of young people, how should the feelings of it ?
Lu Xun’s essays ” Zhaohuaxishi ” is like a vast sea of ​​books humble grain of sand , but it emitted light has affected the whole of China .

” Zhaohuaxishi ” feudal society depicted in the scene , and we are now living is really very different, but it was the right time to write a feudal society strongly hates , Lu Xun sharp text does not subtle but a
sword pointed out corruption in society at that time .
Careful to read ” Zhaohuaxishi ” and found that it is through the many clever tactics , to express the feelings of the heart .
And every one fitflop due boots plot, even a very tiny people fitflop trainers almost impossible to find a small plot contains all the deep truth.

” Zhaohuaxishi ” reflects the deep thoughts of Lu Xun and superb art of writing .

Narrative , descriptive , lyrical and talk organically blending together , full of poetic.
When affectionate memories of the past , the author can not forget the reality , from time to time to insert some 0026 ldquo; essays brushwork 0026 rdquo; ( ie talk of reality ) , shows Mr. Lu true and rich inner world .
Good uptake of the small details of life , Seeing , written into the character’s charm write , write, write what the nature of the event.
The authors criticize the irony old feudal system , the old morality , the multi- irony .
The surface is calm narrative whole story of events , in fact, irony is that , implicitly 0026 ldquo in the narrative ; say in this and intended to Peter 0026 rdquo; clever satire , no fitflops clogs positive accusations and irony , but between the lines always contains the author
indignant criticism and satire.

Watching ” Zhaohuaxishi ,” as if they see a child in me.
Previous life , is so carefree , listening ear every bird chirping sound crisp , leisure time often can go creeks, lakes, take a few flat stones on naught , like the nature of
embrace every weekend , always looking for the blue sky, green water circulation , shady place , really happy !

Our childhood lopsided , leaving a beautiful memory.
” Zhaohuaxishi ” , take a trip to Lu Xun ‘s childhood , which gradually began to feel the happiness of childhood taste it.
Trivial mind

Recalling the ” Zhaohuaxishi ” reproduce , not the same age , the same joy , childhood, arouses nostalgia.

0026 ldquo; laugh satire are into article 0026 rdquo ;, love and hate with passion warrior Lu Xun to write articles , eternal vitality will give readers more spiritual power , which is ” Zhaohuaxishi ” The greatest charm of it !

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Lei Feng has a moral person to do book review

0026 ldquo; Lei travel a thousand miles , a good thing to do a train.
0026 rdquo; This is a well-known word.
Can you ever listened carefully over , around us , there are many small Lei Feng in the silent action yet ?

0026 ldquo; Linfen beautiful girl 0026 rdquo; Mengpei Jie is a small Lei Feng .
Unfortunately her father at age 5 died in a car accident , the mother put Mengpei Jie Liu Fangying forwarded to the mother custody .
8 years old, mother Liu Fangying surgery failed due to spinal atrophy and hemiplegia , father to escape the burden of living away from home , since then, little Peijie trying to complete their studies at the same time , Liu Fangying alone to take care of daily life .
Later,孟佩杰hundred kilometers away from home is far from Linfen college admission , because they do not worry Liu Fangying , they rented a house near the school , 0026 ldquo; mothers with college 0026 rdquo ;, continue taken care of mother .
Meng Peijie twelve years had not been abandoned mother , though she had no blood relationship with the mother , but she regrets the care of foster mother .
What a noble moral ah !

Not to say that 0026 ldquo; learn from Lei Feng 0026 rdquo; will certainly do something big , not Uncle Lei Feng is a good thing from an accumulation of small pieces into a good example of it?

The heat of summer , I walked home from school on the road, mouth thirst to death .
Watching the street a house miscellaneous grocery store , I can not help rokkit cosmic purple swallow a mouthful of saliva .
I feel the pocket , left the next element of the bus fare , which means that if I buy the water , you can not take the bus home.
Far away from home can be a good school ah !
Do not want to go back exhausted ?
I hovered between a home miscellaneous grocery store , clutching hesitant to be drenched in sweat a dollar bill .
To buy or not to buy ?
The problem for me is like a worm heart drilled just as bad .
Under hesitation , I decided not to buy , but also to go back to drink anyway .
I have a tough toss fitflop boot short leather black head, and ran to the station .

0026 ldquo; Toot 0026 rdquo ;, bus into the station, I rushed the car, enjoy the air conditioning to bring good cold .
In the driver closely watched, I was about to put his hand into the pocket money when the accident occurred.
A dollar, was gone.
I quickly put all pockets are found again , no.
How to do , and there are a lot of people want to get on the train , have been on the train, too embarrassed to go on!
0026 ldquo; little faster !
I am also going home too!
0026 rdquo; came in behind me a man yell up , 0026 ldquo; yes ah yes ah , come on now !
0026 rdquo; others followed the booing .
I am more anxious, and this really how to do it?
A dollar so lost , I knew just to buy water , but also more cost-effective.
Just then, a red scarf with a little brother came over, a dollar will be dropped into the coin box , 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, bang when uttered a crisp sound of coins in the coin box , is not it, my solution fitflop
rock chic black around , and someone to help me pay, pie in the sky ah !
Brother seemed to care what I’m saying , pulled me into his seat .

0026 ldquo; sister, you’re no money now!
0026 rdquo; little brother sat down, cocked his head asked.

0026 ldquo; not .
Is not .
0026 rdquo; hurried excuse me , 0026 ldquo; my money lost.
0026 rdquo;

Little brother breaks into laughter , off and said : 0026 ldquo; I can help you pay.
0026 rdquo;

What a cute little brother !
I found a place to sit down and carefully looked at him .
White shirt, jeans, down to the ground , chest red scarf blowing in the air conditioning , a slight fluttering .
An innocent face looking out the window , with some small adult taste.

0026 ldquo; right, sister.
0026 rdquo; he suddenly turned to look at me , 0026 ldquo; You want water?
0026 rdquo; ah, this little brother how old point I 0026 ldquo; bane 0026 rdquo; ah !
I looked at him , embarrassed nod , they could not bear to refuse.
He seemed to be able to see through my mind , he pulled out a bottle of mineral water from the bag and handed it to me.
I certainly respectful than from life , accepted his water , 0026 ldquo; grunt 0026 rdquo; drink up .
For a long while , I put the water : 0026 ldquo; Thank you.
0026 rdquo; 0026 ldquo; ‘re welcome .
0026 rdquo; he patted his chest red scarf , proudly said , 0026 ldquo; Our teacher said, and to learn from Lei Feng to help others.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity !
0026 rdquo; instant, my Yankuangshirun , yes ah, a little brother would do, we do not do it?

Under the car , walking in the corridor home, I kept talking to himself : 0026 ldquo; Uncle Lei Feng , your spirit lives on !
0026 rdquo;

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Song of Roland book review

When the book, ” Song of Roland ” closed, excitement indescribable .
One kind of heroism from the book revealed to instill into my body.

” Song of Roland ” Roland told hero for the dignity of the French Empire , with its twenty thousand loyal knight of France , the fight against big cannibal four hundred thousand tigers of the division , and finally annihilated story.
In the last moment , he sounded the clarion call for help , unable to wait until Charles the Great, can bring sixty thousand troops .

I think he, as Charlemagne ‘s nephew Roland , not just for the sake of pleasure , but for the rear uncle’s army , led by the French knight unyielding loyalty to fight the enemy.
Their heroism and immediately touched army soldiers .
They are all generations can be eulogized meritorious person .
Their death is the enemy back again later laid a good foundation.
Since then, the French people against the common enemy , and soon united European continent.

This one was the same name 0026 ldquo; martial songs 0026 rdquo; change.
For the traitor , you can see the author’s hatred ; For Heroes , the authors demonstrated indescribable feeling of sadness ; for the enemy , the authors portray a very brutal fitflop rokkit silver nova.
The gold fitflops written superb brutal war , such as the return of the heroic spirit of lethal description of the head.
When you see the soldiers pummeled enemy , I will not help shouting together 0026 ldquo; Meng dove to follow, according to Meng Dove 0026 rdquo; offensive slogans that cries resounding 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; This is the swan song of the hero , is a hero for
a mockery of death.

When I close the ” Song of Roland “, the wandering poet seems to hear their tribute .

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hands are a family book review

School organizational learning ” hands are a home” virtue juvenile books .
My heart suddenly became calm undulating waves , like the fresh wind 2013 fitflop rokkit black brush of the lake, a wave a wave , churning endless .
Each vivid cheapest fitflops online touching story books described , grasping the pain of my heart , let me sigh , let me call : 0026 ldquo; virtues of youth, you ‘re amazing , too sensible, too hard.
0026 rdquo;

Books in 0026 ldquo; at this time with me 0026 rdquo; This story is very touching.
Chen Ya tender can live in the joy of childhood years, but made ​​the unusual things that can well take care of sick paralyzed mother, the father work outside the home , their home provoked a heavy burden, months and years to
care, ups and downs in the run, he almost had to go home to visit her mother every day during recess , and even cried and said : 0026 ldquo; mom , this home without you , I also how to live it?
0026 rdquo; her mother insisted survive.
Also talked about his ideals : 0026 ldquo; grow up to become a doctor , you can cure your disease, as a cook , you can make more delicious dishes for you.
0026 rdquo; deeply moved by her mother , tears and said : 0026 ldquo; son, I will never leave you.
0026 rdquo;

This story depicts the mother ‘s true feelings , loving light, so my mind is very shocking .
I praise the young Chen can actually so naive and filial piety , he used his love , courage mom lit living , support a family , this love is like the glow of virtue, wet everyone’s mind .
This love like the sun red , as bright as gold.
This love is our role model , to be implemented in our real life, for the disaster , pierced poor areas to be more of a love fitflop slippers, more of a sacrifice, to make love to play beautiful music , the world is full of love

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love as jasmine book review

Yesterday, we learned about ” love, such as jasmine ,” this text .
About the content of the entire text is: my mother is sick in the hospital, my father had promised to eat dumplings , in order not to disappoint Dad , let me go sell dumplings cook for Dad to eat, and to tell his mother sick after eating at Dad
Dad went straight to the hospital but later went to the hospital every day.
One day, I saw my father in order to take better care of her mother , and her mother handle and sleep 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; Oh !
This is true love, love the original so simple , is so warm, wonderful .

Learned this lesson , I understand : the expression of love is not deliberate , the simplest yet most sincere usually valuable , true love .
Love, such as jasmine , though bland , but pure white , fragrant and pleasant fitflop shoes outlet.

0026 ldquo; home where there is love !
0026 rdquo; This is often said that word, but I also felt.

I love to say playful , hopping all day , even to sleep nor law-abiding .
I’ll be asleep in bed practicing 0026 ldquo; martial arts 0026 rdqufitflop slipperso ;, not wallow in dreamland , is kicking off the quilt .
This result is very easy to catch a cold.
And my father every day at midnight , will quietly walked into my room , as I gently covered with blankets .
After everything is completed , they crept out of the room , the entire movement practice without sound , as if afraid subtle sound woke me .
One small action inside , nobby women electra brown includes a father to my deep love .
Love , is this 0026 ldquo; moisturizes things in silence 0026 rdquo; moved.

An action , utterance , a care , an expression 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; are all true love.